Winter, 2014

         Restorer ‘dials back the clock’ on an 1823 beauty...
         Nearly 200-year-old church organ being restored by Stonington craftsman...

 Currently under restoration, is the oldest church organ in Connecticut, the Thomas Hall organ of 1823 built originally for St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Litchfield, and since 1859 in Trinity Episcopal Church, Milton. The organ is being restored under the O.H.S. Guidelines for Conservation, reversing changes made to the organ's fabric in 1859 and through several modern attempts at restoration, returning it as closely as possible to its original 1823 condition. It is the only intact organ remaining of this landmark pioneer of American organbuilding working in New York City.

Also under restoration is Alvinza Andrews Opus 1, 1837, formerly installed in the Presbyterian Church, Vernon Center, New York. Acquired by S.L. Huntington & Co. in 2010, it will be placed on permanent loan in St. Timothy's Episcopal Church (1838), Westford, New York.

        Historic pipe organ back in Heath church...
On July 21, 2013 at 4:00pm, Nathan Laube dedicated the newly completed restoration of William A. Johnson Opus 16, 1850, at the Union Evangelical Church, 5 East Main Street, Heath, Massachusetts. This is the oldest extant organ by the famous Johnson firm, and has been meticulously restored to original condition following the revised O.H.S. Guidelines for Conservation and Preservation, including the reconstruction of the original facade and casework.
A four-stop continuo organ built in the style of Early American organbuilder David Tannenberg, has been installed at Trinity Episcopal Church, Concord, Massachusetts. The instrument has both open and stopped ranks, of wood and metal, and eight- and four-foot pitches.

Frederick Jodry plays the D.A. Flentrop, 1966
Restored by S.L. Huntington & Co.

  • Piet Post: Introduction and Variations on Nicea
  • Hymn: Bring, O Morn, Thy Music - Nicea


Hook & Hastings
Opus 1784; 1898

Giles Beach, ca. 1865
The Green Island Organ

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Union Evangelical Church
Heath, Massachusetts
Trinity Episcopal Church
Concord, Massachusetts
St. Andrew's Church
Valparaiso, Indiana
First Unitarian Church
New Bedford
Wesley United Methodist Church
Warehouse Point, Connecticut
St. Francis Church R.C.
New Haven, Connecticut
First Parish Unitarian
Roxbury, Massachusetts
Paul Mellon Art Center
Choate-Rosemary Hall
Wallingford, Connecticut
Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire

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